The Many Advantages of a Tablet

Since the release of the iPad, people have learned all about the benefits of a tablet PC. Considering that many of us have laptops, desktops, and smartphones, what more could a tablet bring to the table?

When you want to look up something quickly on the internet or if you want to show some pictures to friends and family, a tablet is going to be much faster to load versus a desktop or laptop. Additionally, the retina display on a 7 inch tablet is great for looking at pictures. On the other hand, the app may not run as quickly as an application on a desktop, but the fast speed the tablet loads is literally about two seconds – making it a huge convenience and a big time saver.

Because of the size of the tablet, it holds a lot of computing power in a very small space. Additionally, with the weight and size of a tablet compared to a laptop, the tablet has major advantages. Consumers have grown to appreciate the tablets over a laptop because they are so much easier to use in a confined space such as an airplane or train, and they are easier to carry around all day long. They can be stored in briefcases and handbags, and you don't have to buy a bulky bag for it like you do a laptop.


Tablets are now more commonplace in meetings and for business presentations. The Galaxy Tab is small enough and flat enough that it is not obtrusive when connecting with an audience. With the tablet, you can easily take notes using one of the many apps and a stylus which allows you to sort through your handwritten notes.

Along with taking notes, tablets are very beneficial for anyone who is into sketching and art. A major benefit of the tablet PC versus a desktop or laptop PC is that the tablet comes with the note-taking and art capabilities built directly into the hardware. To achieve these same tasks with a laptop or computer will require buying additional software and components.

Because of the tablet, the popularity of gaming is changing as well. Developers are putting more advanced but inexpensive games on the Android Market and App Store daily, and new features are being introduced every single day. The biggest advantage of gaming on your tablet is that you can do it wherever you go. You can play on your lunch break, while waiting in line at the grocery store, or in the park while relaxing.

Black Friday is one of the best days of the year to get some great deals on a tablet. With Black Friday soon approaching, be on the lookout for marked down prices and get a tablet for yourself or someone you love.