Buying the Perfect Speaker System This Holiday Season

Speakers offer an excellent gift option for your loved one this holiday season, but you will need to know what system will best suit your home entertainment needs. Speakers impact your system's sound quality and come in several different models to ensure overall sound clarity.

Surround Sound Systems

Perfect for home entertainment systems, surround sound allows to you experience the full impact of your movie, making it feel like you are taking part of the action. Subwoofers pump out the deep, booming bass to give you a clear, resounding sound. Multiple inputs allow you to connect the system to game consoles, PCs, DVD players, and iPods, ensuring a fully functioning system that is fit for any occasion.

Tower Speakers

Available in various sizes to fit snugly next to your entertainment center, tower speakers use low-frequency technology to provide you with an increase in power handling and sensitivity, delivering a more powerful and deeper bass resonance. These speakers ensure a clear sound quality and higher musical performance for any budget.


Sound Bar Systems

Effectively bring your games, movies, and music to life with a sound bar system. Designed to provide a power bass resonance to give you dynamic sound levels, these systems create a vibrant, clear audio to ensure a vivid, premium-quality movie. Many sound bar systems come with an amplifier to project bold audio levels as well as Bluetooth technology to easily connect to your compatible devices.

Wireless Systems

With front and center speakers, wireless systems take home entertainment to a new level. Because the speakers are not hindered by cords, you can move them anywhere in the room, giving you premium-quality audio to fully enjoy both movies and music. Many systems come with a subwoofer for resonating your bass levels, and surrounding audio technology make these systems the perfect solution for 3D movies.

Home Theater Bundle

Designed to give you a superior audio quality that can be enjoyed on any occasion, home theater bundles make your movies come alive. Many bundles come with specialized technology to provide improved reliability, a large sound stage, reduced distortion, and well-defined imaging. Available in a variety of models to fit your room and television size, the home theater bundle redefines the appearance of big sound by combining subwoofers, surround sound, and tower speakers into one system.