Radio Shack

Save big at Radio Shack on Black Friday

If you're looking for the year's lowest prices on consumer electronics, Radio Shack's Black Friday sale delivers big savings for everyone on your holiday shopping list. In recent years, Radio Shack has been moving from more of a boutique-style shopping experience to a big-box style, expanding its product lineup and broadening its range of offerings. It remains one of the leading retailers of computers, home entertainment equipment, smartphones, and electronics accessories.

Radio Shack Black Friday Doorbusters

Like many other electronics retailers, Radio Shack offers "doorbuster" sales on Black Friday. With opening hours extended to as early at 6:00 am, customers who shop early are rewarded with the greatest possible selection and special discounts. Savings of 50 percent or more are common, and Radio Shack also offers shoppers additional perks and bonuses, including cash back on purchase balances exceeding a specified threshold.

What to Buy at Radio Shack on Black Friday

Radio Shack offers excellent Black Friday discounts in the following product categories:

  • Televisions and home entertainment devices. Radio Shack carries popular brand-name televisions, home theater sound systems, recording and playback equipment, and much more. Look for discounts of up to 50 percent or more, particularly on models which are being upgraded through new product releases. Many retailers use Black Friday to clear shelf space for incoming merchandise, so you can score a great deal on that TV you've been eyeing all year!
  • Desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablets. In addition to powerful, state-of-the-art computing devices, you can also save big on all the accessories you need, including backup power supplies, computer peripherals, carrying cases, and much more.
  • Smartphones and cell phones. One of the best things about Radio Shack's Black Friday sale is that the store's entire lineup of smartphones will be on sale. If you prefer a no-contract phone plan, this affords you an outstanding opportunity to get a fantastic deal on a sleek new phone without having to commit to a two- or three-year service agreement.

One of the unique features of Radio Shack is that the store has long been a leading source of electronics and related products for do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists. Some of the other product categories that you can purchase at Radio Shack include home wiring and electrical components, fitness equipment and accessories, tools and soldering equipment, home lighting products, and component parts. If you're an electronics or computing hobbyist, you will also find a wide range of hardware products on sale, and Radio Shack also sells an excellent selection of computer software to meet all your home computing needs.

Also, some locations offer a wide range of solar power technologies which allow you to convert traditional appliances into solar-powered ones. If you're looking for ways to cut your home energy costs, check out Radio Shack's Black Friday sale to see if any of the items you need are offered at discounts.

Details of Radio Shack's Black Friday sale are typically released in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out for flyers. Check online to see if sale prices have been published. Then, after comparing what's available through local retailers, plan your shopping and be sure to arrive early to enjoy the best selection of merchandise. Quantities are limited and popular items tend to sell out quickly.

Remember, too, that Radio Shack, like many other electronics retailers, extends its Black Friday sale through the weekend and into Cyber Monday. On Cyber Monday, rock-bottom in-store prices are extended to online shoppers. It's a great way to enjoy fabulous deals on the year's hottest electronics products without having to deal with the thick crowds!