Clothing for Men - A Lost Art

Even amongst men, the topic of menswear is often an unclear one, murky at best and, at worst, so muddied that an increasingly large number of men can no longer distinguish between a Chesterfield overcoat and a Covert coat. Over the years, western society has shifted to the point where even the word "menswear" conjures thoughts of businessmen, college professors or other high-profile occupations. The Joe Everyman sees little need to familiar himself with the term or the brands it describes, and so when he finds himself confronted with a question about fashion, he struggles to answer. Most often, this type of circumstance occurs when someone decides to buy a gift for someone else and is entirely unsure of what type of clothing they're looking for. For the sake of those unfamiliar with menswear and its trends, here are some basic guidelines:

Suits. Far and away the most common image brought to mind by the subject of menswear, the tried-and-true suit is a crisp, snug fit for anyone applying for a new job or working in a field that demands professionalism and respect. The most common types can be bought off-the-rack. The best, however, are custom-fitted, are considerably more expensive and take some time to receive. The vast, vast majority of suits must also be dry-cleaned and should not be traditionally washed or dried.

Casual Apparel. This is nearly exactly as it sounds: casual. This is the everyday attire, everything from typical jeans to khakis and slacks. Also included here are tee-shirts, sweaters and the like.


Sportswear. A man looking for sportswear is a man looking for very specific, very durable piece attire. Jogging pants, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other athletically-oriented clothing falls into this category. If the clothing in question is intended to be used during a sport, while running or while jogging, then it falls into this category.

Shoes. Often overlooked in the realm of men's fashion, these remain an integral part of any outfit. Contrary to the stereotypical male opinion, there exist many types, and each serves its own purpose well. A traditional dress shoe is often glossy, dark in color, and should be occasionally maintained in order to keep its distinctive shine. Sneakers or tennis shoes are durable and comfortable, and running shoes are designed with arch support in mind. Like suits, a good shoe may also be tailor-made and custom-designed, for a price.