Take advantage of Kmart's Black Friday deals

Kmart is one of the largest and most popular discount department store retailers in the United States, with over 1,300 locations across the country. Though Kmart is known for offering low prices on brand-name merchandise all year long, the company holds major Black Friday sales and you can enjoy incredible savings on Kmart's already-low prices.

As Kmart operates nationally, you should keep your eye open for printed Black Friday sale flyers which will be distributed locally in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. You can also keep an eye out for advance promotions online on featured merchandise, which will help you plan your Black Friday shopping.

Take Advantage of Kmart's Layaway Program

Kmart tends to begin promoting its Black Friday sales earlier than other retailers, in part because the company offers flexible and convenient layaway programs so consumers can complete major purchases prior to the Christmas holidays. The company's layaway program allows you to set aside a specified product while you pay off its retail price in a number of installments. When you have completed your payments, Kmart will release the product to you if it's stored at a retail location or ship it to you if you've purchased it online.

If you're planning to take advantage of Kmart's layaway program, be sure that you're agreeing to the Black Friday sale price of the product you're purchasing. Because Kmart tends to start its Black Friday promotions earlier than other retailers yet holds back the actual sale until the big day arrives, some consumers are confused as to whether or not they're getting the lowest possible price.

Black Friday Deals at Kmart

Kmart offers three distinct sales around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and you should be aware of the potential differences between the three of them so you can plan your shopping accordingly:

  • The Kmart Thanksgiving Sale. This Black Friday pre-sale typically begins in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day, and runs until the late afternoon or early evening hours. The Kmart Thanksgiving Sale is a great way to get your holiday started!
  • Black Friday Doorbusters. After the Kmart Thanksgiving Sale ends, usually around 4:00 p.m., many locations will close down for a few hours while staff prepares for the Black Friday Doorbusters promotion. This short sale usually begins about 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and continues into the early morning hours of Black Friday. Many Kmart locations extend their hours especially for this incredible sale! Special promotions on popular merchandise are offered during the Black Friday Doorbusters sale, with some discounts running as deep as 70 percent!
  • The Kmart Black Friday Sale. Again, most locations close down after the Black Friday Doorbusters promotion comes to an end, then reopen in the early morning hours of Black Friday itself. Typically, Kmart's Black Friday sale prices are in effect for a full week, but you are advised to shop as early as possible to enjoy the best possible selection of deeply discounted merchandise.

Not all prices are in effect for all three sales, and some Kmart Thanksgiving Sale merchandise may be subject to additional discounts when the store holds its Black Friday Doorbusters and the Kmart Black Friday Sale. However, as with all retailers, quantities are limited, and you may be better off to make your purchase during the pre-Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale than risk finding out that the product you were hoping to buy is sold out on Black Friday itself.

To help you plan your shopping, look for Kmart sale flyers in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, and check the company's website for coupons and the very latest information on Black Friday sales in your area.