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Shop for home theater components on Black Friday

Enhancing your home movie-watching and television experience is easier than ever before. Thanks to continued technological innovations, home theater equipment is priced more attainably than ever before, and on Black Friday, you'll find everything from televisions and sound systems to peripherals and accessories on sale for deeply discounted prices.

A television set is the centerpiece of most home theater systems, but there are alternatives which you may want to consider. You should also familiarize yourself with the full range of peripherals and support devices which are available to make your home theater experience more enjoyable before you begin your shopping.

Television or Projector?

While many people choose to make a flat-panel television set the main component of their home theater, you can also hook up a projector unit instead. Projectors offer a number of advantages over television sets: they can be configured to create a life-sized picture, and you will not experience any LED burnout in localized areas of the screen. However, viewing angles must be optimized, and projected images do not render correctly in bright light. Thus, you need to create a carefully controlled viewing environment to optimize your experience.

If you're going to go with a television, it's generally a better idea to stick to well-advertised, well-known brand names. They tend to offer more generous warranty protections and offer superior customer service if you ever need to make a claim under your warranty. These televisions are also easier to service, and any replacement parts you may need will be easily accessible as well as lower in price.

Additional Playback Devices and Peripherals

Once you've selected a television or projector, you can then dive into additional home theater components:

Home Theater
  • Sound systems. When it comes to sound systems, your home theater needs two basic components: a subwoofer for rendering bass tones, and speakers for sound playback. If you're going to go with multichannel surround sound, know the difference between 5.1 and 7.1; a 5.1 system has five speakers, while a 7.1 system has seven speakers. Some pundits say there's no real improvement with a 7.1 system, while others swear the extra two speakers make a world of difference. The best way to figure it out for yourself is to request an in-store demonstration of any speaker system you're considering.
  • Receivers and video sources. Many cable companies provide receivers, but you may have to pay a monthly fee to rent them. These are available for purchase if you'd like to get out from under those monthly payments. As for video sources, choosing a Blu-ray player offers enhanced flexibility, as they can also play back DVDs.
  • Cables and power protection. Cable ties, cable housings, and surge protectors may not seem vitally important, but they can prevent major system damage and eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Stands and cabinets. If you're not mounting your television on the wall, place it atop a cabinet or stand as close to eye level as possible. It's also a good idea to purchase a stand or cabinet to house your subwoofer and principal speakers, so they remain out of harm's way and reduce clutter in your media room.
  • Accessories. Universal remote controls and backup cables are among the most popular home theater accessories you'll find on sale on Black Friday. The right remote can go a long way towards streamlining your programming access, and backup cables let you add additional components and peripherals to create a superior viewing experience.

Some retailers offer money-saving package deals, especially for their Black Friday sales. By purchasing a home theater package, you can bundle all of these components together and save even more!