Home Theater Accessories

Accessories to Buy On Black Friday to Improve A Home Theater System

Home theaters are now more popular than ever. Families can make popcorn and replicate the experience of being in a movie theater. Shoppers should take advantage of the sales on Black Friday to improve existing home theater systems. Many different components will improve sound, picture quality and the convenience of the system. Shoppers should look for a few distinct home theater accessories while out on Black Friday.

Wireless Accessories

Many modern accessories for a home theater system are wireless. Shoppers will want to look for wireless controllers, tuners and speakers. Wireless speakers make it possible to create a finely-tuned surround sound experience without having to worry about where the wires will fall. This allows homeowners to mount wireless speakers like tweeters high on the walls for the best quality. It is important not to buy sets that include too many wireless speakers. Some packages come with 12 to 16 speakers. Not all amplifiers or controllers can interface with this many at once.

Three-Dimensional (3D) Eyewear

One of the newest features in home theater technology is 3D viewing. Several things have to be in place for this to happen. The cable signal or Blu-Ray player needs to have 3D capabilities. The television must also be able to display the signal. Something shoppers should look for on Black Friday is a set of quality 3D glasses. Many new 3D glasses are available that are lightweight and that cover peripheral vision. Shoppers need to make sure the type of 3D glasses purchased match the 3D technology in the home theater system. Active glasses and passive glasses are not interchangeable.

Home Theater Accessories

High-Definition Media Players

Black Friday is the best time of the year to find significant deals on high-definition media players. Blu-ray players today can play movies at very high resolutions with sharp detail. The price of these devices comes down on Black Friday. It is important to look for the set with the most features. Some even have wireless capabilities and can stream media from the Internet. Shoppers should make sure not to purchase a Blu-Ray player that natively outputs to a higher resolution or different aspect ratio than the television. Using these components together can cause downsampling that will degrade the picture quality.


Shoppers out on Black Friday might want to purchase new high-quality cables to connect different components. New cables can actually improve the picture and sound quality of existing components. Something important to note, however, is that cables with special gold or other coatings on the ends are not always worth the price. The coatings do not always improve the signal by any noticeable amount.