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What Shoppers Should Look For When Buying a Gaming Computer

Gaming computers are laptops or desktop systems that have been specially designed to run video games. Special desktop gaming rigs are necessary because video games demand far more power and specialized hardware than most other consumer applications. Companies like Alienware produce nothing but high-end gaming systems that far exceed the power of standard desktop computers. Anyone searching for a gaming computer will want to look for several important features.

Graphics Cards

A high-end video card is one of the hallmarks of a gaming computer. Even a gaming laptop will include a powerful graphics card. These cards are what allow the computer to do complex floating-point math and manage hundreds of thousands of polygons every second. It is impossible to tell the quality of a graphics card based solely on model numbers. Shoppers should look at the amount of random access memory (RAM), the graphics processing unit (GPU) speed, and any additional features to determine which is best.

Speed and Memory

One of the benefits of buying an Alienware gaming computer is that the speed and memory will be as high as the hardware allows. The RAM and speed of the central processing unit (CPU) are both critical even with a good video card. A great desktop gaming rig that will last for a few years will have several gigabytes of RAM and a CPU speed of 4 gigahertz or higher for the best performance. Shoppers should understand that higher RAM is more important than a faster CPU in most cases.

Gaming Computers


Something to look for when comparing desktop gaming rigs is the number of ports available. This might not be important for all gamers. Many gamers enjoy using special interface devices like control pads, joysticks or trackballs. Additionally, online gamers will likely want to use a headset and microphone. Some newer computer games even require special controllers. Shoppers should look for a gaming system that has at least four to six universal serial bus (USB) ports. The USB ports should support the 2.0 standard.


Choosing a gaming laptop is different from choosing a desktop system. It is possible to upgrade or change desktop hardware over time. Internal hardware in a laptop cannot be changed. This means the video card will always be the same. Laptops for gaming are less powerful than desktop systems. Shoppers should expect to pay more as well. The main features to look for in a laptop are the screen size, the keyboard size, and the sound system. Large screens and full-sized keyboards will ensure it is possible to play games normally.