Go big on Black Friday at Costco

As the largest club-membership warehouse retailer in the United States, Costco puts on a major Black Friday sale, offering some incredible discounts off its already-low prices. Primarily oriented towards commercial customers and families looking to buy goods in bulk, Costco has greatly expanded its inventory lineup in recent years, and the company now sells a very wide range of popular brand-name products. It also features its own premium in-house label, Kirkland Signature, which is available exclusively at Costco outlets.

Costco Product Categories

The company's original business model prioritized the bulk sale of boxed goods to card-carrying members. While it was very successful, the company opted to diversify its product offerings and now sells a much broader range of products, akin to what you would find in a department store.

Black Friday shoppers can take advantage of savings on the following types of Costco merchandise:

  • Home electronics. Costco offers some of its best savings of the Thanksgiving shopping season on its lineup of home electronics, which includes digital televisions as well as DVR recorders, DVD/Blu-ray players, sound systems, and a wide range of home theater accessories.
  • Computers and peripherals. While the selection of desktop and laptop computers may not be as wide as you might find at other retailers, Costco's bulk buying strategy delivers low prices. If you're in the market for a new computer, the store's Black Friday sale will definitely be worth checking out. Costco also sells printers, scanners, input devices, and lots of other peripheral devices at low prices.
  • Appliances. Costco recently made a strategic move into the appliance market, offering a complete lineup of trusted brand-name home appliances at discounted prices, thanks to its wholesale purchasing strategy. Many appliances go on sale on Black Friday, so if you've been putting off the purchase of that new dishwasher or washer and dryer set, the Thanksgiving season is a great time to seal the deal.
  • Furniture. Many stores now offer at least a limited selection of home and office furniture. While selection varies from location to location, Costco stores with broader furniture inventories may offer discounts of up to 50 percent or more on select items.
  • Automotive products. If you need to stock up on automotive products and accessories for the winter, Costco carries a wide selection of products at low prices.

Bear in mind that Costco's Black Friday sale prices are available to members only. If you are not currently a Costco member, you will have to join (or borrow an existing member's card) in order to receive the advertised sale prices.

Become a Costco Member

Costco offers three types of memberships:

  • Executive membership. Costco offers a long list of perks to its Executive members, including 2 percent cash back on most purchases and deep discounts on Costco services.
  • Business membership. Ideal for small businesses, a Costco Business membership allows for up to six additional cardholders to share a single account and allows you to enjoy incredible savings on office supplies, furniture, and much more. Business members are also able to purchase products for resale -- an excellent option if you operate a retail-oriented small business.
  • Gold Star membership. This basic membership comes with a low annual fee, and is perfect for single cardholders and households looking to save money on everyday purchases.

All three membership levels require the payment of an annual fee, but it's well worth the investment, especially if you're going to take full advantage of Costco's money-saving Black Friday sale prices. You can also purchase gift memberships for other people -- a great gift idea for the cash-conscious people on your holiday shopping list!