Computer Components

Computer Components to Look For While Shopping On Black Friday

Electronics have become one of the most popular items to go on sale during Black Friday events. Many people move directly towards televisions, mobile devices, and laptops. The reality is that some of the best deals at many of these sales are on computer components and peripherals. Computer components are the devices that attach to a laptop or computer in order to make the system more convenient. Shoppers should look for several computer components when taking advantage of Black Friday sales.


Shoppers should look for sales on monitors. Computer displays are increasing in viewable area and resolution every year. Some new monitors now have high-definition modes that can be used when watching streaming media or playing games. A few advanced displays do not even require cables and use wireless technology or wireless adapters to communicate with a computer. It is always worth looking at which monitors are on sale.

Multifunction Peripherals

Some items come down dramatically in price during Black Friday. Shoppers can often find deals on useful multifunction printers. These peripherals take up very little space but contain a number of components all in one case. Most include a printer and a scanner. Some units can send faxes across standard phone lines or act as a copier. A multifunction printer can save space in a home and add a large amount of functionality to a computer or laptop.

Computer Components

Cooling Fans

Many people today are using laptops instead of desktop computers. Laptops must use smaller hardware and fans. This causes laptops to get very hot very quickly. This can damage internal parts or shorten the life of the laptop. Something to look for during a sale is a laptop cooler. The cooler is a small fan usually mounted in a low stand that sits under the laptop. A laptop cooler does not interfere with the mobility of the laptop. Most draw power directly from a universal serial bus (USB) port. A laptop cooler will help computer users to get the most out of the system.

Storage Drives

The cost of storage in computers has dropped dramatically over the last decade. New systems are now coming with massive amounts of hard drive space. Unfortunately, media files, applications, and games have also increased in size by a significant amount. Modern systems can easily run out of storage space. One option to look for is an external storage drive. An external drive can double or triple storage space. Some connect through a USB cable while others have wireless drivers. External storage is useful for holding music, video or even system backups.