Compact Cameras

Ship-Shape Snap Shot

The holidays are here; time for family and friends to "say cheese"!

Everyone knows that Black Friday is the best time to purchase that new, cool technology. Compact cameras are one of the hottest items out there. With so many features to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect solution for your holiday family gatherings, holiday trips or as the "Wow! Thanks, Mom!!" gift under the tree.

Consider the following features when choosing your compact camera:

Point-and-Shoot - With automatic settings such as indoor, outdoor, sports, and low lighting; the point-and-shoot camera option gives everyone a chance to be a professional photographer. Taking pictures on Christmas morning before the sun rises can be tricky. Set the features to low lighting and the clarity of your snap shots will amaze you. Taking pictures of that downhill run on the snow slopes? Set the features to the sports setting and you won't miss a moment of the long (or short) first ski experience.

AutoFocus - Using autofocus features allows you to move from close-up to distance shots with ease. The sleigh ride snap shots can now include the beautiful snow covered landscape that you are passing as well as the sticky caramel apple face of the toddler sitting in your lap. Want to take group pictures of family and friends? Use the autofocus feature to center on your person of interest. Focus on another person in the group and the group shot has a whole new dimension.

Compact Cameras

Convenient Size - New digital technology each year makes compact cameras slimmer, sleeker, and lighter. Carry your new camera in your shirt or trouser pocket or in your purse. No more bulky camera bag to store film and endless attachments. Shots taken with one hand jutting over the hand rail of Niagara Falls to capture the ice crystals will be breathtaking.

Screen Size - Take your time looking at the screen size of your camera choice. Again, the new technology gives manufacturers the ability to make the screen bigger in relation to the size of the actual camera. Keep in mind the end user of the camera. Grandparents will especially appreciate a little bigger screen size.

Keep these features in mind while choosing that perfect compact camera and you won't go wrong. Happy holidays and happy snapping!