Camera Lenses

Guide to Camera Lenses

If you want to take your photography to the next level, you need to understand camera lenses. When you begin to get comfortable with using a wide range of lenses, you will be able to create amazing photographs that showcase your true vision as a photographer. Here is a quick guide to the many types of camera lenses that photographers can use.

Two Types

There are two main types of camera lenses. The first kind is the prime lens. A prime lens has a fixed focal length. While prime lenses are not capable of changing focal length, they are very valuable nonetheless. They are one of the primary tools that photographers need to master. Photographers should gather as many different focal lengths of prime lenses as they can.

A zoom lens can focus in close on the subject, which makes it very valuable for photographers taking pictures of subjects at various distances. Optical zooming is much more valuable than the digital zooming that all the digital cameras come equipped with these days.

Camera Lenses

Types of Lenses

There are also several other types of lenses that photographers need to become familiar with. The wide angle lens takes in a wide field of focus. These lenses are generally used to capture images of objects that are close to the photographer. Any lens that is 35mm or less in focal length is a wide angle lens.

Macro lenses are designed to allow a photographer to get extremely close to the subject. A good macro lens allows a photographer to get within a few inches of the object being photographed, and the pictures taken with a macro lens will be incredibly detailed. Image stabilization is a very helpful feature for these lenses.

A telephoto lens is designed to take pictures of objects that are very far away. They have very long focal lengths and very narrow fields of vision. They produce very crisp images, but the background that is not in focus will be very blurry. When selecting a camera lens, it is important to make sure that the lens is designed to fit the mount system of your camera. Try to collect as many different types of lenses as possible to raise the level of your photography skills.