The Right Price for the Right Camcorder

From the amateur videographer to the professional cameraman, finding the correct camcorder can be a major investment. Not only do these devices come from dozens of manufacturers in a variety of models, there are a number of features that must be considered before making a purchase. In order to get the absolute best camcorder at any price, here is a look at when it is best to buy these electronics, what hardware is most important, and what essential features to look for.

Determining Usage The first thing that a videographer should consider is how they will be using the camera. This will not only determine the size and price but it will also help them to determine if they need high-end features such as optical zoom. For those that want to capture limited footage on the go, one of the best options is a handheld, micro-camcorder. These devices are often as small as a smartphone, but their battery life is much higher and they often shoot in high definition.

Mid-range camcorders will be slightly larger due to the fact that they have additional features and often produce a much higher quality video. These devices tend to come with larger batteries and flash memory meaning that they can be used for extended shots in high definition without the fear of batteries dying during the course of a day of shooting.


Specs The specs on camcorders will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but two of the most important options to think about are the lens and the sensor. The lens of a camcorder will determine the style of the shot that can be taken, including macro and zoom shots. For those that would like to move past traditional shots, a 3D camcorder is another option that will that have a compatible display. The sensor determines the overall quality of the video, including the megapixel size.

When to Buy The last step in purchasing a camcorder is figuring out when is the best time to make a purchase. While minor sales can be found throughout the year, there are a number of dates in which camcorders and all other electronics will have exceptional rebates and discounts. Black Friday sales are often the ideal time to purchase these devices, but other common sales include Labor Day and the 24-hour period immediately after Christmas.