Automotive Accessories

Ideas for Black Friday auto accessory shopping

Specialty retailers and major department stores alike hold major sales on automotive accessories on Black Friday. If you've been waiting for the year's best bargains to come along, they have finally arrived. Plan your automotive accessory shopping by making a wish list, then check online ads and coupons to see which retailer is offering the lowest prices on the items you need.

A World of Automotive Accessories

To help you get started on your research, here is a categorized list of automotive accessories you can use to enhance your driving experience:

  • Floor mat sets and seat protectors. If you opted for a high-end leather interior, or if you just want to take optimal care of your car's interior, a wide range of specialty floor mat sets and seat protectors are available to help prevent damage to your car's seats and floor.
  • Hands-free communications accessories. Most jurisdictions have implemented hands-free cell phone laws for drivers, requiring both your hands to be on the steering wheel if you're going to make a phone call while you're on the road. If you need to stay in touch while you're on the go, hands-free Bluetooth devices should be on your shopping list.
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Horns. You can customize your car by adding a fun, unique, and easy-to-install horn.
  • Mud flaps and splash guards. If your work takes you off paved roads, or if you just want to prevent muck and gunk from collecting in your wheel wells, mud flaps and splash guards will help prevent damage to your car's undercarriage.
  • Organizers. Having a hard time keeping your car's interior neat? Grab a car organizer and say goodbye to the clutter for good!
  • Seat cushions. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, an ergonomic seat cushion will provide excellent support for your back and neck and help prevent strains, sprains, and injuries.
  • Shades and covers. Even during cool-weather seasons, leaving your car parked out in the sun can make its interior very hot. Car shades help prevent interior heat gain and protect your upholstery. If you're planning to store your car for an extended period of time, a car cover will be a worthwhile investment, particularly if it's going to be left outdoors.
  • Step bars and lighting accessories. These custom truck accessories are very popular with people who have made vehicle modifications or added risers. They make it easier for you to get into your truck and help other drivers see you during dark conditions.
  • Tire gauges and monitors. These are particularly helpful if you're on the road frequently, or if you tend to travel extended distances in your vehicle. You'll want to carefully monitor your tire pressure to make sure it's in the optimal range, and you can also get devices that warn you when your tire treads are starting to wear down.
  • Vent visors and bug deflectors. Dirt, debris and bugs can get into your engine through your grille, especially if you've been driving on the highway for an extended period of time. These foreign objects can cause disruptions and damage, so shut them out with a visor or bug deflector.
  • Winter driving accessories. If you live in a cold-weather part of the country, Black Friday also marks the beginning of the winter driving season. Save big on all the items you need for your emergency car kit and winter road safety.

Finally, don't forget about local small businesses that specialize in automotive accessories, as they may have holiday sales of their own. Small Business Saturday was established to help small business owners remain competitive during the Black Friday shopping wave, and you might just find a great bargain on a trusted brand-name product through a locally-owned and operated independent retailer.