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In Your Home


Not Your Mother's Appliances

Modern appliances contain advanced features that were only dreamed of a few years ago. These are not your mother's appliances. In this article, we will examine some of the new features that promise to make life a little easier for all.

Washers and Dryers:

Washers are among the appliances that have experienced the most dramatic changes. Front-load washers continue to gain in popularity due to their ease of loading, better energy efficiency, and the use of significantly less water. Some contain large capacity detergent reservoirs sufficient to wash multiple loads without refilling, while others have advanced wash features such as new spray patterns.

Drying clothes is all about removing moisture while simultaneously keeping the clothes fresh looking. The inclusion then of a moisture detector is a welcome change that helps clothes dry thoroughly without over-drying. Not only does this use less energy, but the process is also gentler on clothes.

Don't forget about another fairly modern innovation: the vertically-stacked washer-dryer combination that can fit into small footprints when there just isn't enough room for individual units. This change has allowed many people to do their laundry at home when it simply wasn't possible before.


Microwave Ovens:

In the kitchen, microwave ovens continue to be used mostly for thawing frozen foods and re-heating leftovers. Some of the newer microwaves have features that are destined to change that. One example is the introduction of steam into the cooking process in order to cook the food thoroughly while keeping it moist.


While some appliances might be described as convenient, most people will agree that a fridge is vital. New refrigerators come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including models with French doors, upper freezers, lower freezers, and drawers or compartments that create special temperature zones. Newer refrigerators generally are much more energy-efficient than older models, and in many cases, the purchase price can be quickly recouped in the form of reduced energy bills.

If you are considering the purchase of a new appliance in the near future, one of the best times of the year to do that is the Friday after Thanksgiving, commonly known as Black Friday. Most retailers offer sales that day and often cut their prices drastically in an effort to compete. Be aware, though, that optional features, extended warranties, and delivery charges can dramatically increase the final price.