Black Friday clothing shopping

Major retailers hold extensive clothing and apparel sales after the Thanksgiving holiday, typically beginning on Black Friday and extending through the weekend. While discounts vary from store to store, it is not uncommon to see merchandise go on sale for 50 percent off the regular price; some items may be discounted even more than that. Also, many exclusive retailers who rarely put certain luxury brand items on sale offer impressive special prices on select apparel and accessories. Whether you're shopping for yourself or getting a jump on your Christmas list, Black Friday is one of the best times of year to go hunting for clothing bargains.

Tips for Black Friday Clothing Shopping

The low prices bring out thick crowds, particularly in major cities. First and foremost, you should be prepared to deal with a massive volume of people -- far more than you are accustomed to encountering at your local shopping center. Some stores may have shoppers queuing up in lines to wait their turn, as retailers have to adhere to safety codes and capacity regulations. You should definitely prepare yourself to arrive as early as possible, for two reasons: first, the crowds won't be quite so thick when the store first opens. Second, you'll enjoy the best selection of sale merchandise if you're among the first shoppers to hit the store.

On that note, be sure to check with the stores you're planning to shop at to see what time they open on Black Friday. Most major retailers offer special opening hours on the shopping holiday, with some stores opening for business as early at 5 am.

It is also highly recommended that you go to the store with a list of items you want to buy, or at least a general idea of what you're looking for. Given the volume of shoppers you can expect on Black Friday, browsing a store can be an unpleasant ordeal, and you may wind up frustrated and going home empty-handed. Prepare for your shopping outing by looking through flyers published by apparel retailers in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, making a note of the items you're interested in, then seeking them out once you arrive.


When it comes to sizes, you will find that the most popular sizes can vanish very quickly, leaving only undersized or oversized merchandise left towards the end of the day. It's particularly important for you to arrive early if you fall into one of the "regular" size categories, as you may well find the store's merchandise thoroughly picked over, with only very small or very large pieces left.

Finally, don't try things on one at a time, as you can also expect the fitting room lines to be very long. Instead, gather as many items as you can and try them all on in a single session. However, keep in mind that some stores limit the number of items you can take into the fitting room at any one time, so if you have any doubts about this, check with the fitting room attendant when you arrive at the store and proceed accordingly.

Black Friday clothing shopping may sound like a big hassle, but the bargains you can get on Black Friday are quite simply worth the trouble. Retailers rarely offer prices as low as you'll find on Black Friday, and they gear up for the sale by stocking up on items they expect to be popular with consumers. Compared to post-Christmas sales, selection tends to be better on Black Friday, since you're at the beginning of the holiday shopping season, not at the end.